Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Little Accommodation can go a Long Way

Darsie will be going into the second grade in September and one of her areas of struggle is organization of her things. So, with a little crafting, I sewed up this pencil pouch JUST for her pencils and erasers. Should help her keep those things close at hand at the very least. At her request, I put in a thumb loop (only one, by her direction, though. Believe me, I asked about two). She is enamored.


INYKA said...

Hi. Love your blog! I started follo
wing you after I found out one of my twins recently delivered had CP. You inspired me to start blogging myself after much internal debate. Glad to see D doing so well and already in the 2nd grade. I blog over at www.specialneedsnsimplethings.blogspot.com

God Bless!

Rebecca Fontes said...

Those are too cute! You wouldn't happen to have instructions for these do you? I wouldn't mind making a couple for my son :)

Emily said...
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