Thursday, November 01, 2007

Other Cool Kids

The long list of blogs we read. If you want to be on here and are not (or would like to be removed), please send us a note! If you notice a dead link, please let us know, too.

Owen Keith Marshall
Party of Six
Sophie & Sally
To The Max
Bird on the Street
Bad Mama
Micro Preemie Twins
Birtch Baby
McCarthy Micro Preemie Blog
Adventures of Super-Preemie
Madd Babies
Mono-Mono Preemie Twins
Blogging Hallie
Cerebral Palsy Blog
Jardna Day
Awesome Mom
As Long as it is Healthy
Eleanor and Adam
Navy Blue Elephant Trunks
Preemies First, Twins Second
A Preemie's Journey
Beanie Baby
Lovvorn Twins
Down Syndrome Life
My Beloved Monster and Me
Princess Julia
Special and Needy
The Continuing Adventure of Super-Preemie
Micro Preemie Steps
Eric Update
Beanie at College
Little Charlie Rocks
Walking with Alec
Postcards from Holland
Kidneys and Eyes
Anna's Place
The Life and Times of Emma
Jenelle's Journey

Jack's Blog
Lucy May
Life of NLD/CP
Brave with Hydrocephalus
Silly Kid Tales
Better Than Normal


Aaron said...

Thank you for this list of blog links. You're totally right, there are some really cool kids in there. This is nice to see.

Anonymous said...

hi my name is ariel and mydaughter has cerebral palsy as well she is 1 year old and she was aslo a preemie 28 weeks 1 lb 8 ounces. She however recieved cerebral palsy from getting miningitis when she was 4 months old gestational she was only home from the nicu fo 1 month and then went back and spent 3 omnths in the hospital treating her out of control miningitis. She had an occipital bleed affecting her vision. or stories are similar its nice to meet you. my daughters name is Serenity we live in California. Your daghter looks like she is doing great. she must be very proud. Our babys are very special, they are amazing what they have overcome and how they continue to strive. my email is maybe i will set up an account here too.

BabyPaxson said...

I'm just starting my son's blog and would love it if you included a link.

I get so much inspiration from these amazing kiddos


Eric and Lara said...

I think my little guy qualifies as a cool kid for sure. My nearly 1 yr old baby was born with congenial hydrocephalus, macrocephaly & cortical visual imparement our site is
I would love to inspire or help families who are going through similar experiences. Thanks.

Trish said...

Awesome! This is just what I needed!

Yours was the first blog I had read about CP back earlier this summer when I first suspected CP with my baby Seth...he was just diagnosed this month.

I appreciate this list!

Reaching the Stars step by step said...

My sweet lil man has mild cp and still doing more test..The blogging world has helped us more then any dr. anyday...please add us.

Shayla said...

We're a new blog - just starting, so please pardon our dust!