Friday, July 31, 2009

A Really Great Baby Update

I went back to the UW this week for a repeat testing of what I had done last time where I was diagnosed with high cardiac output putting me a much higher risk for early preeclampsia. The growth ultrasound showed that baby boy was growing well and right on target and definitely a boy. No doubt about that.

The cardiac output testing went great, too. The results were MUCH better this go around since being put on Atenolol. My cardiac output is now slightly lower than normal so as long as we can keep baby boy growing well, we are doing great. I go back in four weeks for another barrage of testing but it is all in good terms.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Braces for D

It has been what, three or four months since Darsie had Botox and it has worn off. Her foot is again turning in, although not to the extent that it was. We just received her new braces and are really hoping that they help. One is a hinged DAFO to be worn during the day. Her foot still turns towards midline but it doesn't turn inwards, if that makes any sense. She walks fantastic backwards and standing, just when she goes forward does it creep inwards. The other brace is a nice brace that is meant to stretch her foot and turn it correctly. She only got through a few hours of wearing it last night before her moaning and complaining became unbearable, but four hours is better than none. Hopefully we will get a longer stretch tonight.

Pictures to come soon as the camera can clean all 930mb off of itself.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No pictures to share today...

It has been a seriously crazy week. Between starting up my new fabric shop and working progressing on the shop, I also had an appointment at the Hypertension Clinic at the University of Washington.

Everything is going fine and my blood pressure is behaving wonderfully so this was more of a preventative measure than anything else. I had some ULTRAcom cardiac output testing which feels somewhat like someone taking your heart rate and an ultrasound of your throat. It is all very bizarre, at least to me.

Anyways, it was found that while things are progressing well, my cardiac output is a bit high. Basically, that means that my body is working too hard to circulate enough blood, which could eventually lead towards another bout with preeclampsia. My numbers aren't too high, but we are being very proactive and taking a safe approach and starting to medicate now instead of later if and when my blood pressure rises. I go back in three weeks to check on the babe's growth and to redo the ULTRAcom testing to review my cardiac output levels. Until then, I'm in princess mode and taking things easy, resting every day, and being diligent about taking my medications.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Little Late - Our Fourth Weekend

We had some absolutely STUNNING weather recently over the Fourth weekend, at least for us! Temps were in the low 80s, the skies were clear, and the wind was a wee bit breezy. Perfect for lots of time spent outdoors.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It is LIVE!

The Small Grapes Fabric Shop, that is. My new endeavor is up and running at For this grand opening week, I will be offering one high-discounted fabric each day. Today is Amy Butlers' Optic Blossom in Olive. REALLY GORGEOUS!

I've also set up a blog just for Small Grapes at so expect to see most business aspects of this blog move there and this become more of a family/life oriented blog.

Thank you everybody! I'm really excited about this new endeavor.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A baby update

Sorry, I haven't scanned in the images yet, but we had an ultrasound on Tuesday and we are having a BOY!!! At 19 weeks he is about the 60th percentile and weight approximately 11 ounces. We are over the moon excited. Darsie has named him Cutie.