Friday, January 20, 2012

6 Month Update

Wow, six months since my last post? Just a little ridiculous, huh?

Darsie has been up to so much since then, but mainly starting first grade! It has definitely had its trials and tribulations but I think we are finally in a good spot and progressing well. Her last report card had ups and downs but the main items were that she is reading and doing math AT grade level. So, BIG CELEBRATION!

We recently had a consultation at Shriner's in Portland. Just as we thought, it was recommended that Darsie have surgery on her foot. Botox isn't really doing enough for her at this point and we want to get her foot corrected before more permanent damage is done. She was also casted for a new AFO. She has a hinged DAFO but the Orthopedist at Shriner's thinks she needs more support that an AFO will offer. We go back in February for a day-long appointment with their Motion Lab, Orthotics, Speech, Physical Therapy, and Occupational Therapy Departments. Whew! It makes me tired to even type that out!

We have recently started the process in matching Darsie with a service dog through We think she would benefit greatly from it, especially after talking to lots of other Hemi parents. We had to submit basically an application request application in order to complete a full application. Earlier this week, we received that full application so we are putting it all together to move forward further in the process!

We were hit pretty hard with an epic historical storm this week. Darsie loved the snow and sledding. She is quite the daredevil.