Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Good!

Sorry to leave you all hanging again. I've been taking life slow and easy, napping a lot, enjoying family and friends, and eating lots of ice cream. We had a fantastic Christmas and I was thoroughly spoiled by everyone and feel like such a princess. Darsie also had another round of Botox in December so we've been working on that as well as I'm trying to develop goals and ideas for the Small Grapes shop for 2010.

2009 was awesome in so many ways but I'm REALLY looking forward to 2010. The last part of this year has been awesome with Bert's birth but I'm so ready to leave behind the health issues and stress that culminated towards the end.

A couple of "goals" are to make new friends and foster deeper relationships with the ones I have. I also want to learn to knit. And make Small Grapes a successful and fruitful fabric business. But mainly I want to enjoy and love my family as much as possible. Fruity and cheesy I know, but so true!

I should probably add "be a better blogger" to the list, huh?

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sorry for the long absence

Sorry for the long absence. Besides trying to get used to mothering three children, I had a seizure on Sunday due to preeclampsia and wound up in the hospital for a night. I'm still trying to get my blood pressures under control and am fighting somewhat constant fatique. I'm hoping to get back to normal ASAP and resume regular blogging in the somewhat near future.

In the meantime, Happy Holidays! I hope everyone has a lovely holiday season filled with family, fun, and fantastic food.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

A sweet new baby

Robert Jonathon, born November 4th, 2009 at 6:02pm. Weighed 6lbs. 7oz., and measured 17.9 inches. He is beautiful, has taken over our hearts, sleeps, and become an integral cog to our family.

More soon but recovery is going well. I did end up back in the ER due to some postpartum high blood pressure, but all is well now. Bert is growing like a weed and doing everything a newborn should be doing. He is so sweet and his look changes daily. Can't wait to share more.

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Tomorrow is the day

Monday I went in for an amnio (and was stuck three times, ouch). The results came back early that afternoon that Bert's lungs are mature and we are good to go. So, tomorrow at noon is the grand opening. I'll update at some point but please, if you don't mind, think good thoughts for us.

It is totally shocking and amazing to think that tomorrow I'll be mom to three. The world is great.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting to think I'll go alllll the way

Just a quick update on us, but I'm 35 weeks pregnant today and holding steady! I'm now going in for twice a week NSTs and Bert has been behaving beautifully! I'm not starting to think I'll make my November 4th c-section date! Bert has a car seat, a bed, and some clothing, guess it is time to start filling in the blanks.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Had another positive appointment today!

Had a regular OB appointment today and an NST. Everything went great, no hiccups. I even (finally) scheduled my c-section for November 4th. Crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. I've been so nearsighted on making the big 28-week and 33-week milestones that it has just flown by.

I am loving the fall weather and am hoping and thinking of lots of soup and good sourdough bread slathered with a salty butter. And peanut M&Ms. And dreaming of an extra hot latte with tons of creamy foam. Mmmmmmm. I haven't had any coffee for a long time and have even held decaf coffee at bay since everytime I've had some, it has messed with my blood pressure. So, coffee and wine are definitely on my to-do list.

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still here, still pregnant, still doing well

Just not sleeping much.

I've been meaning to update but seriously people, I don't have much to talk about besides babies, huge gargantuan construction projects that I'm not allowed to help with, back to school, etc. etc..

Had my last appointment with the hypertension specialist in Seattle and I've been cleared from his care, or at least monthly appointments. I'm now going to my doctor weekly for NST's and all the other good stuff. I'm hoping that my c-section will be scheduled soon as the specialist mentioned that they would probably do an amnio at 36.5 weeks or so to check for lung maturity and if everything checked out, they'd declare victory and take Bert at 37 weeks. So, we'll see how it all plays out. I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow, so that only leaves four weeks (*gulp*). Guess I should go buy him a car seat or something.

OH shoot, Darsie totally turned five! We had a little family party for her with the biggest pinata known to mankind, serious. Walmart doesn't kid around with their pinatas. She loved her party but was disappointed that her cake didn't have pink frosting. The little things in life, right?

Friday, August 28, 2009

A Big Mileston and a Vacation

I've been reading tons of blogs with disclaimers about not posting much, especially this summer. You can add me to that category. And I'm sorry.

Anyways, we made it to 28 weeks with baby boy! Yesterday I had an appointment in Seattle at the University of Washington Hypertension Clinic and all looks well. A growth ultrasound showed baby is growing perfectly and is right on schedule and weighs approximately 2lbs. 8oz. Can you believe that Darsie, born at this gestation, weighed 1lb. 12oz.? Just shows what havoc high blood pressure and preeclampsia can cause on the unborn baby.

And we are headed out tomorrow on a vacation to the Oregon Dunes where my husband will ride quads with his college buddies and I will embroider, nap, and eat, in some order. The girls are headed to my parents for a few days of being 100% spoiled and catered, too. I think we will all enjoy our vacation.

Hope all is well with everyone!

Friday, August 07, 2009

We've Fallen Victime...

to a horrendous stomach bug of some nature. We went to a local lake to go swimming and next thing we know, we've all had a stomach bug and at least 30 other people who also went swimming at the same lake around the same time also have the same issues. Good times. We are slowly recovering but getting our appetites back has taken the longest. Poor Jeff has lost about 12 pounds.

And just a couple of photos to tide you over.
Our big project for this summer is building this shop.

And of course, the little ladies. Aren't they sweet when sleeping?

Friday, July 31, 2009

A Really Great Baby Update

I went back to the UW this week for a repeat testing of what I had done last time where I was diagnosed with high cardiac output putting me a much higher risk for early preeclampsia. The growth ultrasound showed that baby boy was growing well and right on target and definitely a boy. No doubt about that.

The cardiac output testing went great, too. The results were MUCH better this go around since being put on Atenolol. My cardiac output is now slightly lower than normal so as long as we can keep baby boy growing well, we are doing great. I go back in four weeks for another barrage of testing but it is all in good terms.

Friday, July 17, 2009

New Braces for D

It has been what, three or four months since Darsie had Botox and it has worn off. Her foot is again turning in, although not to the extent that it was. We just received her new braces and are really hoping that they help. One is a hinged DAFO to be worn during the day. Her foot still turns towards midline but it doesn't turn inwards, if that makes any sense. She walks fantastic backwards and standing, just when she goes forward does it creep inwards. The other brace is a nice brace that is meant to stretch her foot and turn it correctly. She only got through a few hours of wearing it last night before her moaning and complaining became unbearable, but four hours is better than none. Hopefully we will get a longer stretch tonight.

Pictures to come soon...as soon as the camera can clean all 930mb off of itself.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

No pictures to share today...

It has been a seriously crazy week. Between starting up my new fabric shop and working progressing on the shop, I also had an appointment at the Hypertension Clinic at the University of Washington.

Everything is going fine and my blood pressure is behaving wonderfully so this was more of a preventative measure than anything else. I had some ULTRAcom cardiac output testing which feels somewhat like someone taking your heart rate and an ultrasound of your throat. It is all very bizarre, at least to me.

Anyways, it was found that while things are progressing well, my cardiac output is a bit high. Basically, that means that my body is working too hard to circulate enough blood, which could eventually lead towards another bout with preeclampsia. My numbers aren't too high, but we are being very proactive and taking a safe approach and starting to medicate now instead of later if and when my blood pressure rises. I go back in three weeks to check on the babe's growth and to redo the ULTRAcom testing to review my cardiac output levels. Until then, I'm in princess mode and taking things easy, resting every day, and being diligent about taking my medications.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

A Little Late - Our Fourth Weekend

We had some absolutely STUNNING weather recently over the Fourth weekend, at least for us! Temps were in the low 80s, the skies were clear, and the wind was a wee bit breezy. Perfect for lots of time spent outdoors.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

It is LIVE!

The Small Grapes Fabric Shop, that is. My new endeavor is up and running at http://smallgrapes.etsy.com. For this grand opening week, I will be offering one high-discounted fabric each day. Today is Amy Butlers' Optic Blossom in Olive. REALLY GORGEOUS!

I've also set up a blog just for Small Grapes at http://smallgrapes.wordpress.com so expect to see most business aspects of this blog move there and this become more of a family/life oriented blog.

Thank you everybody! I'm really excited about this new endeavor.

Thursday, July 02, 2009

A baby update

Sorry, I haven't scanned in the images yet, but we had an ultrasound on Tuesday and we are having a BOY!!! At 19 weeks he is about the 60th percentile and weight approximately 11 ounces. We are over the moon excited. Darsie has named him Cutie.

Monday, June 29, 2009

A good weekend

This weekend the family traveled to Leavenworth, a quaint little Bavarian town, for a wedding for one of Jeff's co-workers. The girls ended up being the flower girls about two weeks ago and they were just thrilled. The locations was absolutely gorgeous at the Pine River B&B. The wedding was held outside and the reception upstairs in the barn which has been remodeled and is absolutely gorgeous with wide-plank pine floors and lights hung from the beamed ceiling.

I made the girls' dresses from a pattern from Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing Book (the Flower Girl Dress pattern, to be exact). I started with Darsie's dress and it ended up being much smaller than anticipated so it became Elise's dress and I redrafted the pattern to fit Darsie. So, just a warning that that particular pattern runs about two sizes too small. Besides that little bump, it was a super easy dress to put together and the girls loved them. I used Kona Cotton for the dress and some Monoluna Blossom Circles for the belts.

Lots more coming up soon. I'm just tapping my foot and waiting for packages to arrive so I really ramp up my shop. Hopefully today or tomorrow and a big launch on the first of July. My MIL is arriving today so that may slow us down even if everything does manage to arrive in time.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Dress for the wedding update

Well, I went against everything I asked and bought a dress, which ended up being a good thing because the girls are now going to be IN the wedding. I don't have any idea what is really going on so a call to the bride is definitely in order. Two weeks until the wedding...ack! I only know the groom and he is a good friend of Jeff's, so whatever they need we are game.

Anyways, here is a picture of the dress I ordered from the Gap. I think it will even work after the baby is here, maybe with a couple of modifications but I think it is cute and effortless. Besides, I love the pin tucking on the neckline. I'm in love with little details like that.

I think I'll grab a little cardigan or something and hopefully my comfy Simple black sandals will suffice because I know they have great arch support for what will definitely be a long day corralling little girls.

Monday, June 08, 2009

Killing time before cooking dinner

Fun times at a Maritime Festival

Saturday, June 06, 2009

An ice cream sort of day

This last week was so hot we took to enjoying strawberry ice cream with sugar cones on the front patio.

I think Elise enjoyed them the most from the look of things. Good thing she likes running in the sprinklers.

Friday, June 05, 2009

A quick baby update

First sneak peak at baby #3. Measuring well above what it should be and looking healthy as can be. In fact, babe is measuring a week ahead of schedule and a good two ounces heavier than expected. So yay!

School ended last week and as with all changes, we're adjusting slowing. The heat has been a bit oppressive (to me) the last week or so. Definitely time, for the first time in years to invest, in some shorts, skirts, and tank tops.

I'm hoping to have some big news towards the end of June concerning my sewing stuff. A bit of a transition going on there as well, in an exciting manner!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Bloggers are supposed to you know, blog

It seems like I always have an excuse these days. I know, it gets old, even to me. We've been fighting a bug the last week or so and Jeff even took a couple of days off of work. I'm the last one to catch it and between my insane gag reflex and the amounts of phlegm...I'm staying pretty low.

The school year is coming to a close for Darsie next week. I'm sad about it but I'm also looking forward to a big break. We will still have her weekly physical therapy but there won't be school four times a week, Elise's therapist is having surgery and will be out for six weeks after which Elise will probably be discharged, and Elise's EI playgroup won't be meeting twice a week. Our summer schedule is looking pretty barren, actually. I think it will be great. We have a little mini blow-up trampoline and a ball house that I'm going to have Jeff put up in the yard and I think we'll spend as much time outside as humanly possible this summer. I'm going to have to figure a way to move my sewing production out of doors as well.

Oh, and I need some input! We're headed to a wedding in late June and I need some dress advice. Well, I've pretty much decided I'm going to make a sundress but I need opinions on fabric. This is my first choice so far. Too busy? You can tell me the truth, I promise. I'll throw a cardigan of some nature over the top.

On second thought...I somehow (like forgot I purchased one lot and had asked for a custom listing from another seller) ended up with four yards of this fabric. It would need a lining but what do you think? Too white? How about with a green cardigan or maybe make it a skirt with a green top?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Some Mish and Some Mash

I can't believe that May is almost half way over! YIKES!! School is out for D in two weeks and both of us will be soooo sad. I need to find some activities for her ASAP.

Mother's Day was great. Jeff bought the earring backs to my first mother's day diamond studs (I had lost one and just never got around to ordering them) and had the girls write up the sweetest cards (per Darsie, my favorite food is salad). It was a really good day. I made this sewn card for mom along with a strawberry pot full of plants. She was really pleased.

We took the girls on Monday to a special Farm Day put on for the special ed students in our county. As you can see from the photos, they both had a blast! Elise glommed on to a bag of popcorn and we had to almost rip it from her fist to ride a horse. She was NOT happy about that whatsoever.

The girls are both doing so well. I really need to get some video of Darsie up since her walk is so beautiful. Everyone who sees her comments on how great she looks.

Sewing is going well, too! I may have to raise the white flag of surrender this week and drop the ladies off at my mom's for a few hours as I have orders for four bags, a shirt, and a couple of belts. Add to that the quilting bee that I am woefully behind on and I have a couple days of steady sewing ahead of me. It is good news, though. I'm so happy my goods are being so well accepted. I hope to have some new items up soon, but that just matters on how the sewing of ordered items goes.

I finally got my "garden" planted. I've had seedlings growing for a month now or so but with all our yard work going on for the new shop we're building, there isn't a suitable space for my garden. So, it went into pots. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that all works out with it. I need to replant some of the seeds as a few didn't survive the long seedling hood and outgrew their baby pots and died. So sad.

Take care everyone!

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Back to our normally scheduled happenings...

Breathe a sigh of relief. I had my first "real" doctor's appointment yesterday and there was a heartbeat, blood pressure was good, and everything else looked great. It is always nice to get over that initial hump and the realization that yeah, I'm not just getting fat and am sick, there is really a baby in there! Next appointment is in a month and I'll be getting an ultrasound. I'll be 15 weeks...what do you think the chances are they could tell the sex? I am horribly impatient. If not, I'll get another one at 20 weeks, so no worries there.

In shop news, I had such great feedback about the t-shirt for Elise, that I decided to put it up for sale. Let me know if any of you are interested and I'll cut you a special friends and family deal.

As with most everyone I talk with, we're trying to avoid the rainy days and not mold. Our lawns is loving the rain! And we're putting on our rain duds and braving the gray skies.

Have a great week everyone if I don't make it back! I have a mile long list of projects to finish up! Rainy days are great sewing days.

Monday, May 04, 2009

Thank you for such a great turn out!!!

I am really touched and honored that so many of you donated towards my March of Dimes Walk for Babies event. The results were fantastic, even better than last year! So thank you, thank you, thank you!

I hope that it doesn't disappoint anyone that we didn't end up actually walking. Jeff was concerned about me walking six miles and on Saturday, we woke up to torrential downpour that lasted all day. Our backyard is still full of huge puddles despite a glorious sunny day. Add into that still persistent all-day sickness. We had planned on having Jeff walk in my place with the girls, but the stars simply didn't align that day. I hope nobody is disappointed.

Anyways, winners of the two prizes have been picked and without further ado...

Prize One - a baby blanket or bag made by me goes to Christy!

and Prize Two - a hand-crocheted baby blanket by MommyDaisy goes to Ellen!

I will e-mail everybody and get information out to both of you.

But thank you everybody once again, from the bottom of my heart for supporting such an excellent cause!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

To Elise, Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

Today at about 8:55 AM, Elise turns two. I can't believe how quickly these two years have passed. I love that little nugget so very, very much. Heart-overflowing type love. My girls are rad, in all senses of the word rad.

And I'm going to use this to plug the March of Dimes March for Babies walk on Saturday. Elise was born at 33 weeks due to preeclampsia. She weighed 3lbs. 3oz.. As you probably know, Darsie was even small, 1lb. 12oz.. Babies shouldn't be born this small and the scary thing is, some babies are born even smaller, even sicker. We can help prevent premature births and birth defects by supporting organizations such as the March of Dimes. I've raised $200 so far, which is awesome. I'd love to raise more if possible.

For each dollar that you donate to the March of Dimes, I am giving you one chance to win one of two fabulous items. Up for grabs is your choice of a handbag or a baby blanket made by me. Also up for winning is a gorgeous crocheted baby blanket made by Mommy Daisy. I know things are rough out there for a lot of people, but even a dollar helps.

I plan to be back to blogging more soon. Morning sickness and tiredness and mind numbing lameness has taken over for the time being. I'm 11 weeks on Friday! Yowsa!

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


I have had this link for awhile, but I just had to share it with anyone who is planning a birthday party and needs CUTE CAKE ideas!

Elise is turning two on the 29th and she is getting the monkey cake. And Darsie, although she will probably change her mind come September, has requested the castle cake.

It's making me hungry just looking at them. Off to raid the pantry.

Monday, April 06, 2009

Spilling the Beans

I'm really, really horrible at keeping secrets. HORRIBLE. Especially if they are my own. So, in honor of my personal horrendous ability to keep secrets and my general disarray lately, I'm just going to spill the beans. Jeff and I are having another baby! We weren't trying but were actively preventing so this has been very shocking and has taken some time to get used to but I think we're both finally on the road to excitement. Darsie certainly is excited enough for the whole family. I'm due about mid-November.

I'd also like to remind everyone of my March for Babies Walk that I will be doing on May 2nd. Help support a great organization that is helping to prevent premature birth by sponsoring me. For every dollar that you donate, you will get one chance in my raffle to win a hand bag from my Etsy shop or a baby quilt. Mommy Daisy has also donated a hand-crocheted baby blanket, so there are actually TWO prizes. You can donate through the widget at the bottom of this bage.

Thanks everyone!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Serial Casting - Week Three

Week three of serial casting began yesterday and Darsie is actually castless for a couple of days! She had her pink castle cast removed yesterday and we were encouraged to let her run around barefoot all days yesterday. We all shared a luxurious bubble bath last night and have been enjoying the "freedom" although D is having some trouble walking because that foot is just soooooo weak.

Some photos of the aforementioned foot:

She has some wear spots and plenty of dead skin but she is walking so nicely and we are very encouraged that this will help out.

And a video of her walking:

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Second Week Serial Casting

I've been trudging away on our taxes and my brain feels like an egg that you cooked too long and the yolk has become solid. I've got a list a mile long on top of that so I'm feeling just a tad bit frazzled.

Anyways, Darsie had her cast removed and replaced on Monday, this time going with pink. She was able to run around for a good half hour before they put the cast on again and I almost cried, the changes were so amazing. I know that this extreme effect isn't permanent but seeing her walk flat on her foot was like a mini-miracle.

Just a few photos to share with you all. None of them are edited, so please excuse the beautiful colors. Hopefully everyone is having a beautiful week.