Tuesday, December 29, 2009

We're Good!

Sorry to leave you all hanging again. I've been taking life slow and easy, napping a lot, enjoying family and friends, and eating lots of ice cream. We had a fantastic Christmas and I was thoroughly spoiled by everyone and feel like such a princess. Darsie also had another round of Botox in December so we've been working on that as well as I'm trying to develop goals and ideas for the Small Grapes shop for 2010.

2009 was awesome in so many ways but I'm REALLY looking forward to 2010. The last part of this year has been awesome with Bert's birth but I'm so ready to leave behind the health issues and stress that culminated towards the end.

A couple of "goals" are to make new friends and foster deeper relationships with the ones I have. I also want to learn to knit. And make Small Grapes a successful and fruitful fabric business. But mainly I want to enjoy and love my family as much as possible. Fruity and cheesy I know, but so true!

I should probably add "be a better blogger" to the list, huh?


Erica said...

Your goals sound great, though I would have to argue you are a good friend already!

I think about you and your family all the time and love the updates you post. I don't even mind waiting a bit for them, cause I know we are all busy!!! Have a great new year and I hope you fulfill all your goals while having a fabulous time with your beautiful family!

AJU5's Mom said...

I think we all get busy and don't spend as much time with friends and family as ew would like. Luckily, they are with us til the end so we can continue to work on spending as much time with them as we would like!

Katy said...

Great goals!

I'm looking forward to 2010 too.

jenny said...

you are a great blogger with everything that you do. I really enjoy reading on your posts. How are the botox injections working for darsie. i wish you well with the newest adition. They are adorable

lltanderson said...

i'm not sure how i found your blog, but i'm lovin' it.

congrats on your baby boy...great bday...my baby boy is an 11/4/08er.

here's to good health and great luck in 2010!

i am off to check out your fabric store....

Shannon said...

Just happened upon your blog through another on I follow.

I, like your daughter, have CP. I'm a 33 yr old housewife who is trying to start a family. My husband and I have know eachother since 1995, been together since 2003, Married in 2005.

I've been skipping around on your blog. I don't know if your daughther still wears AFOs at all, but I used to decorate mine.

It was easy to do - just use the pait that is used to make window clings I awalys degned mine on a peice of shrink wrap, let it dry then stuck it to my AFOs.

And the best part is when you get tired of the designs, you can peel it off.

Stop by sometime {:)