Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Still here, still pregnant, still doing well

Just not sleeping much.

I've been meaning to update but seriously people, I don't have much to talk about besides babies, huge gargantuan construction projects that I'm not allowed to help with, back to school, etc. etc..

Had my last appointment with the hypertension specialist in Seattle and I've been cleared from his care, or at least monthly appointments. I'm now going to my doctor weekly for NST's and all the other good stuff. I'm hoping that my c-section will be scheduled soon as the specialist mentioned that they would probably do an amnio at 36.5 weeks or so to check for lung maturity and if everything checked out, they'd declare victory and take Bert at 37 weeks. So, we'll see how it all plays out. I'll be 33 weeks tomorrow, so that only leaves four weeks (*gulp*). Guess I should go buy him a car seat or something.

OH shoot, Darsie totally turned five! We had a little family party for her with the biggest pinata known to mankind, serious. Walmart doesn't kid around with their pinatas. She loved her party but was disappointed that her cake didn't have pink frosting. The little things in life, right?