Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Proud Mama

I know I'm about a gazillion years late on tons of things but I just wanted to check in and update everyone on Darsie's latest round of Botox and serial casting. It has been very successful, which is sooooo good.

Things are progressing in the school department. For Mother's Day, the class put together a cook book of their moms' best dish. They dictated their recipe to a classroom helper and they were compiled into a book that was sent home.

Here was Darsie's:

Chinese Food
By Darsie

Egg Rolls

My mom makes the best Chinese food. First, she puts the chicken in the pot and then she pours the sauce on it. Oil and spicy stuff go in. She cooks it until dinnertime. Then she cooks the rice in a boiling pot. And that cook until its dinnertime. And then puts the egg rolls on and cooks them and then we eat!

I was soooo incredibly proud of her because, and honestly I know I'm biased but I truly believe this, it was the most thorough and well organized recipe out of the bunch. And she didn't choose macaroni and cheese (which we do eat plenty of).