Friday, June 03, 2011

IEP Time

The girls are sporting new hair these days, but this is a somewhat recent photo.

Yesterday I met with the therapists and principal at Darsie's school and had her annual IEP meeting. According to them and their testing, she is doing so, so well. She is hopping on her left foot very well and is starting to hop on her right as well. She is walking with alternating feet up a lot of stairs. Her writing has improved. And she can do 1" buttons! Things to work on for the summer are writing, buttons, and zippers. We can do that! Jeff and I have definitely noticed an increased use of her right hand as well.

Looking into the next year and what modifications she will need are perhaps modifications in PE as well as extra time to finish written assignments as she is a slow writer.

I love my girl and she is such a joy. She strives so much to be independent and successful at whatever she chooses.