Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Serial Casting

Darsie was supposed to go in for recasting today. But once her cast was sawed off, there was a little bit of foot fungus so we are treating that before recasting. She had this the last time we did serial casting as well, so I'm wondering if the DAFO combined with the sock constantly and sweating creates a damp sort of environment or if it just a result of serial casting. Anybody with any experience?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Serial Casting Tomorrow

Unfortunately, the Botox hasn't been nearly as effective as it was the first round. We are pretty bummed about it but trying to remain hopeful. In an effort to really make the most of it, Darsie's foot is being serial casted tomorrow. In the first round of Botox, we saw huge improvement immediately and even more after the serial casting. So, fingers crossed that the casting is what we need to really take the Botox to the right level for her. I know that kids grow "immune" to the Botox, but after just one round?

Anyways...for a bit of cheeriness, a video of the Great Bertowski...

Have a great evening everybody! I will be back soon with an update on the serial casting. Please keep your fingers crossed that it helps!

Friday, January 08, 2010

A Busy Week

I hope everyone is surviving this cold blast. In Washington, it is unseasonably warm but (as expected) very wet.

This week we had a check up with the rehab med doc to see how Darsie's Botox injections were performing. The muscles are all loose (yay!) but because of their memory, they are still pulling her foot inwards. So, he wants our PT to proceed with serial casting. We had good luck with the serial casting during the last round of Botox, but we still have to decide if we want to do it again. It definitely complicates life for all of us. However, I do want to take 100% advantage of the Botox.

Bert turned two months! Isn't it amazing how fast time flies? He is such a BOY, too. I look at photos of other babies the same age and he just seems older. I was reading a blog post about a family that got stuck at someone's house due to a snow storm and they had to put her in a size 3 diaper (same age as Bert by a few days) and I just laughed. Bert is officially in size 3 diapers. I don't know if it is because he is a big boy (appointment next week) or just because he is a big-time blower-out of diapers.

Jeff turned 33! We spread his birthday celebration from morning 'til night and I have a special adventure planned on Saturday. As well, we have a birthday dinner with his family on Sunday. Nothing like a week long celebration, right? I think we all deserve it.

And last, Bert has now started rolling from tummy to back! My baby really is growing up!

All remains well with Elise and me, too. Just nothing new to report!