Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Update on Serial Casting

Darsie was supposed to go in for recasting today. But once her cast was sawed off, there was a little bit of foot fungus so we are treating that before recasting. She had this the last time we did serial casting as well, so I'm wondering if the DAFO combined with the sock constantly and sweating creates a damp sort of environment or if it just a result of serial casting. Anybody with any experience?


mol said...

Allie wears a DAFO everyday and has done the serial casting twice. She's never had a fungus. But, I'm sure you're right on the damp environment. We've had great success with the serial casting. Allie doesn't like it though. Both times we did it with the botox. Are you seeing the new doctor at children's for botox yet?

Shannon said...

It is pretty much cleared up with just one application of athlete's foot cream so it looks like we will be recasting tomorrow.

We see a doctor at Marybridge for Botox but I'm interested in another opinion since this round didn't seem very effective :( I will have to look up the doctor at Childrens before we do another round!

nancy said...

I found your blog from Max'sblog. My son has Cerebral palsy and we just finished casting in December. He was doing botox and we moved on to Phenol. I am way impressed with phenol and with Casting. I am excited to come back to visit your blog. Please come on by mine :)

jenny said...

i did many rounds of serial casting I had blisters and skin breakdown and yes I did get a fungal infection once basically athletes foot. We treated mine with the cream and it subsided luckily when i got mine i was done with the casting. I hated them because of the skin breakdown but they helped keep muscles loose. that was the goal lol even though i was not ahappy camper.

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