Thursday, October 15, 2009

Starting to think I'll go alllll the way

Just a quick update on us, but I'm 35 weeks pregnant today and holding steady! I'm now going in for twice a week NSTs and Bert has been behaving beautifully! I'm not starting to think I'll make my November 4th c-section date! Bert has a car seat, a bed, and some clothing, guess it is time to start filling in the blanks.

Friday, October 02, 2009

Had another positive appointment today!

Had a regular OB appointment today and an NST. Everything went great, no hiccups. I even (finally) scheduled my c-section for November 4th. Crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. I've been so nearsighted on making the big 28-week and 33-week milestones that it has just flown by.

I am loving the fall weather and am hoping and thinking of lots of soup and good sourdough bread slathered with a salty butter. And peanut M&Ms. And dreaming of an extra hot latte with tons of creamy foam. Mmmmmmm. I haven't had any coffee for a long time and have even held decaf coffee at bay since everytime I've had some, it has messed with my blood pressure. So, coffee and wine are definitely on my to-do list.