Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Cast is Off!

On Monday, we headed to Shriner's in Portland again for Darsie's cast to get taken off. The cast came off with no problem but there was a "button" on the bottom of her foot that had to be removed that held the sutures from holding the tendon in the correct place (I think!). She was not a happy camper during that.

After her cast was removed, Darsie was very upset about her foot looked (although I could tell the position of her foot was 100% better immediately). I don't think I prepared her enough for the incisions that would be very visible. Anyways, we headed up immediately to the Orthotics office and George, our favorite Orthotist, helped her with her brace that she was casted for while she was in the OR. Her sad little face almost made George cry. But amazingly, once her orthotic was on, she was smiling and happy again.

Back downstairs to see her Orthopedist who thought her foot looked FANTASTIC. And I have to agree. She is walking heel to toe now, although very slow.

I hope to upload a video soon, but I just wanted to let everyone know that her surgery appears to be a huge success. We are looking to start PT soon to keep her range of motion and build strength, but things are going great.