Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Serial Casting - Week Three

Week three of serial casting began yesterday and Darsie is actually castless for a couple of days! She had her pink castle cast removed yesterday and we were encouraged to let her run around barefoot all days yesterday. We all shared a luxurious bubble bath last night and have been enjoying the "freedom" although D is having some trouble walking because that foot is just soooooo weak.

Some photos of the aforementioned foot:

She has some wear spots and plenty of dead skin but she is walking so nicely and we are very encouraged that this will help out.

And a video of her walking:


Mommy Daisy said...

I bet she is glad to have a break from the cast. The bubble bath was a good idea!

Stacy said...

I just had a chance, one day shy of Elliot's two month birthday (has that much time flown by??) to catch up with you all. Kelsey and I looked at all the photos, watched all of the (adorable) videos and read about the latest happenings. I wish I could give Darsie a HUGE hug! What a brave and beautiful girl!!Overall, it seems as though things are progressing very nicely and that the injections + casting is having the desired effects. As with any/all interventions like this, there will be ups and downs, but it really seems positive. We hope to huge she and Elise very soon! Xo

Nowheymama said...

Sweet girl.

Elizabeth said...

WOW what a difference in her foot position! thanks for sharing your cutie pie and her amazing progress!
--liz the PT

Unknown said...

Great effects! thanks for sharing the clips of your very cute daughter!
We just took Megan for Gait Analysis today where they attach ball bearings down her legs and film her using animation technology to get "stick man" animation of her walking pattern, the orthopeadic surgeons can then get a better idea of what's going on. It was quite impressive to watch, I can forward you a video link if you are interested.
Sending all the best to you all,
Abi and family in UK :-)

Ellen Seidman said...

I am so impressed with her progress! She always looks so happy, I adore that about her.