Thursday, October 26, 2006

Time to get back into the swing of things

It is Fall here in the Pacific Northwest, so all excuses of a busy summer are invalid. It is time to get back to blogging!

Actually, there is not too much going on with Darsie at the moment. She was given the go-ahead for speech therapy a couple of weeks ago. We are now just waiting on the therapists to add her to their schedule.

She started attending a "preschool" with the therapy center in September. So far she has not let me leave her so I have been attending preschool every Tuesday and Thursday with the munchin and I have to say it has been a lot of fun. I have a feeling my days are "numbered" as she is starting to get more independent and play with the other kids a bit more.

Darsie has really impressed me with her "heart" and how she likes to help out the other kids. There is a little girl in her class that also has CP but a much more involved case. This girl is in a chair and requires a lot of assistance. For gross motor all of the kids go to the gym to play with balls, run around, chase each other, you get the idea. Well, we all started to get ready to go, and Darsie goes to help push this other little girl to the gym. Darsie has such a kind heart for a two year old. She is just amazing.

I want to thank everyone that has continued to follow this blog despite my absence as of late. I am going to do my best to post weekly, if not more!

Happy Fall! It is beautiful here in the Pacific Northwest and I count my blessings everyday that I am lucky to live here.

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Michelle said...

So glad to see a fresh post. Glad to hear the preschool is going so well. As a fellow Pacific Northwestern, I completely agree that fall here is beautiful. I love the colors and the crisp air. Just not the rain so much.