Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Totally past time for a mish mash post.

I'm sitting here in a cold house waiting for a heating repair guy to show up, so I thought it was due time for a new post.

The new house is great, except for the above mentioned heating issue. We woke up to 56 degrees, FUN!!!

Darsie is doing just great. I will add some photos of our Easter. Jeff picked her up an Easter basket complete with a golf set and she adores it. Watch out Tiger, Darsie is on her way!

Elise is continuing to grow and stay put. BP has been behaving itself very nicely and we hit 31 weeks last Monday. I am just amazed that Darsie was born three weeks ago, just crazy! Just for all you crazy people out there, a belly pic for immortality.



Swistle said...

You look great!

Anonymous said...

I love baby Bellies. cute. I actually miss being pregnant.

Angela said...

Love the pics! You look so cute!!!

Kim said...

You look wonderful! So glad Elise is staying put and your BP is behaving!

Triple Tadlocks said...

I am part of the preemieblogmoms group and thought I'd stop in. I am 32 weeks this week and your belly looks so much better than mine. I am miserable. I am glad to see Elise staying put just as I am glad our new baby boy is also. Good luck. The boy is due for csection June 1st so hopefully he holds out.