Thursday, May 10, 2007

Preemies Suck (literally)!

Yesterday was a great visit with Elise. I finally got to breastfeed her and she did really well once she figured out what I was trying to get her to do. She took about 8 cc's by breast and then the rest by bottle. She was super alert and active, too, which is always fun. I let my mom hold her, too. Darsie also tried to get in on the holding action as well.

Last night while Jeff was visiting, they moved Elise to a lower level nursery. I have to figure out where that is today but it is awesome news!

Once we can get her eating really well on her own, she can come home. So keep your fingers crossed!


Swistle said...

She looks GREAT! Rosy and healthy.

What a beautiful picture of Darsie--look at that profile!

Great picture of Elise with your mom.

Sarah said...

How sweet is Darsie!?!?!?! Love it. ALMOST makes me willing to chance it and try for another one. Almost.

Kim said...

Both girls look gorgeous as always! I am thrilled that Elise is learning to breastfeed and has been moved to the lower care nursery. Hooray!

Angela said...

She's gorgeous! Keep up the great work Miss Elise!!