Wednesday, August 22, 2007



How in the world did almost a month go by without a post? WILD!!! Needless to say, I'm easily sidetracked these days.

We've been busy, I guess is my answer. We had a vacation planned for last week that took up a lot of preparation time, mainly getting the boat fixed and everything else that entails preparing a floating vessel for a week vacation complete with two wee ones. Oh yeah, and my MIL came to visit for two nights and then my FIL came for one night (back to back but not together..they are divorced).

So last Saturday we took off on our maiden journey via the Oh Wells to the San Juan Islands. An hour into the journey, we turned back. The vacation was not meant to be. The boat was clearly not fixed.

(Side note: How cute is it when your toddler comes into the office just to show you her tummy?)

Anyways, the boat is now fixed and the vacation is rescheduled.

Oh, and Elise is teething. Up 5-6 times a night. So MUCH FUN.

OK, on to bigger and better things.


Darsie turns 3 on September 19th. We need a theme. A toddler party to me is just an excuse to get our friends together, grill some hotdogs and hamburgers, and drink wine and beer. However, Darsie's expectations are a bit higher this year and wants cakes, candles, and balloons. Her first birthday party we did a cowgirl theme, last year didn't really have a theme but I did make my world famous (well, household famous) spaghetti. This year, I want a theme. So, garden?/tea party?/flowers?/motorcycles?/HELP!!!!! I would prefer nothing too commercialized. So despite that Darsie would love it if she could hardline some powdered Elmo, I'm not really wanting to go in that direction.

You would think I would have a creative streak in me but babies sap it out of me.

More coffee is in order at the moment and Darsie is wanting to put on a pair of shoes.

I would totally do a Starbuck's theme if Jeff would let me. I wanted Darsie to be a barista for Halloween, but I don't think Jeff is having any of that.

Oh, I've been sewing lately, too. Check out my latest creation (please excuse my stupid expression). Next up, a cover for the boat BBQ.

I know I had more to say/type...but somehow the two year old fluttering around me is distracting.


Anonymous said...

LOL! A barista for Halloween?! LMAO! Oh momma! You need help, girl!

Anonymous said...

1) I love the name of your boat.

2) "hardline some powdered Elmo" is hilarious.

3) When my firstborn turned 3, he was interested in numbers so we did a 3-themed party. I drew 3s on all the napkins and on the edges of the plates, and made a giant frosting 3 on his cake. We got three balloons, gave him 3 presents, etc.

Kim said...

That mei tai is AWESOME! You are a woman of many talents!

And at some point, I might have to steal the "hardline some powdered Elmo" line, because, frankly, it is the most accurate description I have heard of a toddler's obsession/preoccupation/total undying love for that little furry monsterI