Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Oh yes, windows.

We've been living in our house since.. oh, April. That means almost 7 WHOLE MONTHS. And guess what, do you remember that commercial where the elderly couple sat at their window watching the young couple that just moved in to their new house "get it on" because you know, they didn't have any window coverings. Yeah, well, that is Jeff and I. Not the "getting it on" part at least because, you know, you are the internet and all and my mom always told me crazy people were on the internet (how is THAT for a run on sentence and grammatical errors up the WAZOO).

Anyways, so yeah. No window coverings. It didn't used to be a problem but then Jeff and his dad had a fun time with chain saws in the backyard and now...now the neighbors can see. And our other neighbors finished their house and moved in this weekend. They don't have window coverings yet, either, though (in my defense...or something).

So, wooden mini blind? Faux blinds? Curtains? Roman Shades?

Tell me what looks good because home decorating, not my thing.


Mommy Daisy said...

Eek, me either. Half of our windows have blinds. Yuck! I don't know what else to do to them (nor the time or money to care).

Awesome Mom said...

Sheets work wonders lol

Anonymous said...

I don't like those skinny, metal blinds--they look like crap after about a week. I like the big, faux wood blinds that are available at Lowe's or Home Depot. Roman shades are nice too. Don't buy the bamboo shades--they actually become transparent at night which defeats the whole purpose. I wouldn't bother with curtains unless you've got something that you just LOVE--typically, the kind you buy ready-made don't have a lot of heft.

Wow, I've got opinion, eh?

Shannon said...

I would have to agree that the faux wood looks good. At least they look good at a friends house. We have been in our house for 3 years and are still using the "disposable"-light-blocker-paper-plastic things that we got at Lowe's when we moved in. I made curtains for my kids though!

Nowheymama said...

All I know is that I hate cleaning blinds. I'd much rather throw curtains in the washer.

As for being busy, I understand and have been even more absent than you!

Laura said...

We bought, for the kitchen, cellular blinds.


They are all one piece and honeycombed inside, for extra insulation. The best part is that I can pop them off, throw them in the tub with some oxyclean and voila, the kitchen instantly looked cleaner. We were going to do the whole house but you know how those things go.

LoriD said...

I like the Ikea panel curtains. Cheap, easy to clean and easy to match (the plain colours). We only have curtains at the front of our house, thanks to some really big trees at the back. If a chainsaw ever came into play, we would be in big trouble!

Anonymous said...

Ug, I never know what to do with windows! In our apartment, we tacked towels over the windows. Klassy!

In our living room, I have thinnish off-white tab-top curtains I got at Target. They're thin enough that I can see out through them a little, and they let light in--but they're opaque enough that people can't see in, or at least no more than shadows at night.