Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I'm kind of bumming out on the Internet thing.

Oh Internet, fruit of my desires, how I wish I could share with you. I am getting super excited about Christmas. This year, instead of our usual mad dash on Christmas Eve to buy presents for EVERYONE, I'm planning ahead, like a whole month ahead! (Just shut up all you people that start buying for next year the DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS!).

And I would like to share, I really would. But my husband reads my blog. He has been sworn NOT to look at the bank statement (don't worry, I'm under my $50 budget!) but I can't trust him to not READ.

I would love to share the lovely things I am creating and buying for other people but I'm clueless as to who reads my blog and since it is easy to find me, I can't divulge. I just CAN'T! Even though I am super tempted.

I feel like such a tease.

I will share what I'm planning on making the girls (key term...planning). Darsie will be getting a tutu, a shirt appliqued with a D on it, a ribbon d-ring belt, and possibly and owl backpack. Elise will be getting a stuffed duck and a shirt appliqued with an E on it. Jeff will be getting a lump of coal.

Now that I said that, I guess I need to get working on these things. Tomorrow I am off to the fabric store. WOOHOO! And Target for t-shirts! Be still my beating heart.

OH HEY!!!!!
We got blinds for the windows in our bedroom. I know you are all super excited. So, let me unveil the results....

dun duh DUH!!!!

As you can see from the above photo, we live in a veritable dorm room. Darsie sleeps in her bed tucked into our sitting area (see left side of photo) and Elise is sleeping in her bassinett on the right side of the photo. The bed is never made and I need to take those boxes out to the garage for recycling.

But look! BLINDS! We went with 1 1/2" faux wood blinds from They were a good price, I think $150 for the four windows in our room. Our only obstacle came trying to install those valance covers. They came with these funky clip things that would NOT WORK. Our solution, double-sided velcro and shabang! Four full complete and functional blinds.

Here is a post-barf photo of the preschooler. She is all better, I think. No puke at least. I kept her home from school on Monday and Tuesday but I think we are going to brave physical therapy today. She may or may not have passed on her bug to the head of the household but he went to work, so we shall see if he comes back or not. He is the Brawny man though, so he would have to be dying or something to come home.

I just had to share this photo, too. You may not realize what has occurred here if you haven't been to my home but just imagine going SEVEN MONTHS using your fingers and your toes to open cabinet doors. (HINT, Jeff put up the door hardware). Isn't it pretty and shiny? Now I have to go through and wipe all eight million cabinets because seven months of no hardware makes for some really icky cabinets.

Please, go and read this. It is some funny, funny stuff.

Anyways, that is all. Happy Wednesday.


Pickles and Dimes said...

Hello, I would like your cabinets. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I'd like your cabinets too! Also, thank you for the shout out :^)

anne at

Katy said...

Your bedroom looks a lot like mine--only I've only got one baby. Still, it's crazy in there.

I like the faux wood blinds--they look good just about everywhere.

And a beautiful kitchen! No wonder you like to cook so much.

Swistle said...

Nice dorm room! Cute roommates!

Nowheymama said...

I feel the same way! I keep wanting to write about Christmas gifts, but I don't know who's peeking!

Also, tell me about your bassinette. We're thinking of getting one for Baby Peanut. Guess I'd better get on that....

Angel The Alien said...

Well, at least AFTER Christmas maybe you can show us all those presents!