Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Before she turns 11 months

Elise - 10 Months

We have the IEP to find out all the results of her testing tomorrow at 3. I know in my heart and mind that she is fine and just a slow poke developmentally but I am worried that the professionals will see otherwise. Isn't she beautiful?

We've met with the Early Intervention folks a couple of times to test Elise and both times she hasn't been very cooperative. She is definitely ELISE and not just a baby. She fits into our family so well since we are all bull-headed, obstinate, and opinionated.

Here she is the on the quilt top I made for Jeff for his birthday, yeah, the birthday was back in January. it is now sandwiched with the back, hand basted, and the machine quilting has begun.

Elise and Jeff's Quilt


Mommy Daisy said...

She is a beautiful baby. Good luck tomorrow. I will pray it all goes well.

Katy said...

Elise seems to be doing just fine to me. I think you KNOW when things are a struggle and when kids are just progressing at their own rate.

No worries about those experts. We're going to see Charlie's physiatrist today which is always a bit of an adventure. He's really nice, but he's also kind of agressive. I think he LIKES working with special needs kids, so he sees everything. I am steeling myself for him to suggest baclofen. I'm not interested in it at this point. In the future we'll see, but for now--no.

Elise will do fine.

Katy said...

No baclofen! yay!

Neil said...

Professionals have a very clinical way of looking at things and often jump to the wrong conclusions. You know your little girl better than anyone so trust your instincts.

Laura said...

She is beautiful....just absolutely beautiful.