Friday, August 15, 2008

Smitten Like A Kitten

How cool would it be if I were posting that we had gotten a kitten? Well, we didn't, sorry to disappoint.

What I am smitten like a kitten with are two pieces of fabric that my friend Betty sent me! She used linen and stenciled on this great, no FANTASTIC, whale pattern. One is this lovely, shimmery blue paint and the other is white.

I have to run out the store to pick up a couple of items, but I'm shooting back a package to Betty in the next week. It isn't cool hand-printed fabric like she sent me but it is a Shannon-creation.

Thank you!!!


Pickles and Dimes said...

Cute! I've been seeing some great things lately stenciled on fabric - is it hard to do, I wonder?

bettyninja said...

Sweet- I can't wait.

Pickles- it is super easy! Just make a stencil from anything- freezer paper, contact paper, stencil paper, I've even used bristol board. Grab some fabric paint from the craft store and paint away. :0