Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Vacation is over...and a Winner!

We are back home (since late Monday) and I still feel like I'm recovering. It is like I simply can't wake up.

We went to the Oregon Dunes, specifically Spinreel Campground for two nights of camping and tons of quad riding. Great fun but who knew that riding a quad would be SUCH a workout? This was my first time really and I was pretty timid at the start but by the end I feel like I was holding my own. Some of the dunes are REALLY steep and when you don't know the limitations of the quad, can be intimidating. But, it is super fun to go as fast as possible over the sand.

Anyways, I promised apple patches to one lucky winner and that winner is Vanessa! I'll get them sent out this week along with some other packages. CONGRATS!

I think I will also start putting together a beginning quilt tutorial. How many people are interested in doing a quilt-a-long type thing? I could even put together fabric kits if there is enough interest.


Nowheymama said...

Welcome back!

Well, gosh, if you put together FABRIC KITS I guess I'd have to play along, wouldn't I? :)

CAQuincy said...

Help me out with a fabric kit, and you just might have a student! 'Cause going to the fabric store just seems way too time-consuming at this phase in my life. (Anybody know of any nice, well-paying jobs out in Rochester, NY? NO?! Me neither! Stress levels are to the roof!)

Chraycee said...

Hmmmm I can barely sew, but I'll read along :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Shannon,
I found this website full of recipes and thought of you! It's worth a browse for new recipe ideas!

All the best
from Abi, Tony, Megan and Emily

Anonymous said...

Wow, I have really enjoyed reading through your blog, and have deemed it completely award worthy. As a fellow CP mom, head over to my blog and pick up your award. Congratulations!