Thursday, July 15, 2010

Ortho, Botox - An Update

Oh my goodness, how has a month flown by? I'm just not getting into a rhythm this summer and time is seriously slipping by like crazy. Seriously, how are we in JULY. MID-July at that???

Anyways, we went and saw an Orthopedist at MaryBridge Hospital a couple of weeks ago about D's foot. He said that he could fix her with surgery but really would prefer to wait since she is only five. He said that since she was so young, if he did the surgery now, it would almost definitely need to be repeated. So, he really encouraged us to try another round of Botox. It took us a bit to come to terms with that since the last round of Botox was so ineffective for Darsie and the procedure was traumatizing and painful (they just used a small dose of Versed).

Anyways, yesterday found us back at MaryBridge for Botox. This time she was given a larger dose of Versed and they were finally able to find a vein for a light sedative. The last thing she remembers is playing on the iPod and waking up. Yay!

Now we just wait to see the effects. If you could keep your fingers crossed over the next couple of days, we would appreciate it SO much!

Serial casting to begin on Monday.


mol said...

We had a similar appointment at Children's with Allie, we are putting off surgery as well. She is due for Botox and Serial Casting at the end of August.

Mo said...

Hi Shannon, My daughter is currently undergoing her first ever round of serial casting on both legs, no Botox. We go for the removal and/or recasting this Tuesday. It's not as bad as I had anticipated but the nights are very restless. Oh well...

Anyways, I was wondering if you could share a little more of your serial casting experience with me. What were the durations of casts on and how many sets of casting did you guys go through? How long after the casts were removed did the effects of the stretch last? I went through your archive but didn't find the answers in your posts about serial casting. You mention seeing instant results, like a 'mini-miracle' so that is hopeful.

Visit my blog's profile to find my address. Thanks for helping! I appreciate your time.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Missy M. said...

My fingers are crossed for Darsie!!! Keep us posted!!!!