Monday, April 11, 2011

Serial Casting & School Updates/Questions

Darsie is now sporting a purple serial cast. Her PT put it on last Friday and this week it will be removed and we'll see how she has progressed. With her other rounds of serial casting post-Botox, she has always had a minimum of two castings but upwards of four. The last time was the shortest with just two castings due to skin breakdown. This time, as a preventative measure, I applied athlete foot creme to her foot the morning of her casting. It will be interesting to see if that has any change to the duration that she can be casted for. I just want to remember to bring the creme with us on Friday to give her a quick rubdown before a new cast is applied. It is worth the shot at least.

She just had two weeks off of school due to conferences and Spring break. Her conference went well but there still seems to be a disconnect at school as to what she is actually capable of and what she is given credit for knowing. I know that Jeff and I have seen astounding progress and we were hoping to hear about that progress and what we hears was that she is not at the level that they like kids to be at at this point in the year. I won't go in to it too much here because I'm not sure who reads this blog and while I'm feeling disgruntled about her school experience, she loves school, she is progressing, and she is happy. To me at least, that is what matters.


jenny said...

good luck with her casting and hope things improve with school I am glad that she is progressing and enjoys school that is a huge plus. as far as casting i had it done with My ortho when i was younger and i also had slot of skin break down. It is just like athletes foot or is it from the cast rubbing on her skin because if it is from the cast rubbing on her skin they can put extra padding where it is irritating or i actually had my ortho cut out the area around my toes more to allow the skin to get more air just so thoughts from another CP survivor hope the casting helps her it didnt have the effect that my ortho wanted but it did losen things for a bit

Ivana said...

You are a great Moma Shannon!
You know your daughter best, and I am sure she is making great progress. Use your yard stick instead of theirs! You are doing something right if your daughter is happy and loves to learn. :)

Anonymous said...

Just found your blog through link from another blog,... my son is a hemi kid who is going through several casts this year so am interested to read about your daughter who is older. I am also a public school teacher, and from that perspective I say you know your child best! If it looks like she is making improvements to you believe it.

Anthony Frost said...

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