Friday, June 03, 2011

IEP Time

The girls are sporting new hair these days, but this is a somewhat recent photo.

Yesterday I met with the therapists and principal at Darsie's school and had her annual IEP meeting. According to them and their testing, she is doing so, so well. She is hopping on her left foot very well and is starting to hop on her right as well. She is walking with alternating feet up a lot of stairs. Her writing has improved. And she can do 1" buttons! Things to work on for the summer are writing, buttons, and zippers. We can do that! Jeff and I have definitely noticed an increased use of her right hand as well.

Looking into the next year and what modifications she will need are perhaps modifications in PE as well as extra time to finish written assignments as she is a slow writer.

I love my girl and she is such a joy. She strives so much to be independent and successful at whatever she chooses.


RushBoysMama said...

That is awesome! So wonderful when you actually get a positive response at IEP meetings.

jenny said...

Go D i was a slow writer too when i was going through my younger years in school. i was forced to use a computer alot when no one else had to in school I know they are the trend and prefered these days but I know i felt very singled out don't let them force her to stop using her skills even if you have her write at home I know you know well how important it is for us to feel like all the others we know were different and nothing needs to be done to point it out. it is awsome to hear of her progress and the girls are getting so big goodness where does time go how is Bert doign these days

Shannon said...

Jenny, thank you for your insight! It is always much appreciated. Bert is doing great, too, by the way. He is a crazy little boy!

Mommy Daisy said...

It's great to see how far she's come along. What a sweet little girl she's growing up to be too!

Justlittlecajunme said...

I just found your blog through search. I will be following your blog as I have cerebral palsy. It's great to see your child had improvements. Good job!

Taylors said...

I love reading your blog. My daughter also has CP, so it is great to see what other kids ahead of her in age are up to. Keep up the good work!

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Lexis mom said...

Hello, I have a 1 year old with CP. Ive been very worried about what school district I want her to be in when she turns 3 and the school district takes over. I am torn between putting her in a small town where we are from where we know everyone and she would be in school with her cousins and would be less likely to be picked on, or putting her in a bigger school in the city where they have more recources. Has anyone had to deal with this?

Anthony Frost said...

Thats just sweet.

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