Friday, April 06, 2012


After getting the results from the motion lab analysis, D's ortho at Shriners, Portland, thought it would be best to perform an anterior tibialis tendon transfer, a posterior tibialis tendon lengthening, and an achilles tendon lengthening. There was some talk about doing a femur osteotomy as she has some leg rotation originating from her femur but as it is a much more intensive surgery, we decided to hold off on that one for another year or so, if she will even need it.

On Tuesday, D was admitted at Shriners for the tendon surgeries. The surgery lasted about two hours and her ortho said that she got really great correction when she released the anterior tibialis. D spent a night at Shriners and we were able to bring her home on Thursday (it was a pretty grueling three hour drive for her, but she did really well). She is in a short cast to her knee for the next month and a knee/leg brace over that for the next few days.

Recovery so far has been ok. We are still keeping up on the regular schedule with her pain medication and she is apprehensive of too much movement but she is starting to sit up in her wheel chair for longer periods of time and wanting to do things. Lying on the couch watching tv is getting old, I think! I'm hoping she will start transitioning to using her walker around the house soon, but we have to get her over the anxiety of pain issue first.


Swistle said...

I can't believe what a big kid she's looking like!

Katy said...

What a trooper! Thank you so much for documenting this surgery. I have seen some miraculous things happen after it and am eager to see how it affect Ms. D.

jenny said...

hey D you are a trooper sweetie. I know how the feaar of pain and anxiety are with a surgery. I just had one for a different medical issue in march I would try to get her up a bit while her pain meds are in full swing if that is possible I know they can make them a bit loopy too so it might be a chalange. and honestly the best bet is to let her come around to moving when she feels she is ready Its a scary thing. when I had my tendon transfer not sure which one I had done I has not up for a few weeks to doing much walking as little as the incisions seem it was a pretty painful surgery for me the worst one I have had to deal with to date not that I want to think D is suffering as much pain as I did I hope she recovers fast I was up walking a bit the second day post op but it was only long enouogh for me to figure out how to use the walker as i had been fully ambulatory before my op its quite frustrating hugs to you all and a speedy recovery wish for darsie

Mike W. said...

She looks to be in pretty good spirits there.

Best of luck to the both of you during her recovery!

jenny said...

Hoping d is recovering well with her surgery I have yet another tendon surgery comming up for myself she is my inspiration to keep going all i have to do is look at her beautiful face thank u darsie

Shannon said...

Jenny, I just posted an update, but Darsie is doing GREAT!!!
What tendon surgery are you going to have? Best of luck with it! We will be rooting for you!