Thursday, July 06, 2006

Update on D

I received Darsie's speech results the other day. At this time, she doesn't need speech but she will be reevaluated after she turns two. They gave us a couple of ideas to try out at home to get her going on talking/signing more. Those evaluations are always so tough. I don't know about other preemies...but Darsie is not a performer in the least bit. She tends to show her worst side when being evaluated. I think she knows what is oging on and likes to throw a monkey wrench.

She also crawled about 25 feet today. It wore her out but she did it! I can't wait to show Diane how well D is doing tomorrow.


Sarah said...

Shoshanna is sometimes shy and contrary and doesn't want to perform, and other times she plays up like a trained monkey. It really depends on her mood. In some ways it also depends on the evaluator/therapist - S is very independent, so things go better if they follow/gently redirect what she wants to do (or convince her that she wants to do what they want her to do).

liz.mccarthy said...

Oh, congrats on the crawling.....I love the pool pictures!