Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Darsie received her DAFO today from her PT, Mr. Larry. She has hardly seemed to mind it except that they made it slightly too tall and so it cuts into the back of her leg a bit. She should have the correct height DAFO delivered by her next PT appointment.

My question is....does anybody out there know of a good site to order shoes for her through? I haven't even ventured to a shoe store yet, but I'm already dreading it. Our PT mentioned a couple of companies that make shoes specifically for orthotics but I'd like to see some more options. Anyone?


Mete said...

Honestly, we've had good luck with just regular ordinary sneakers. If you can find them in a wide width (a bigger challenge than it sounds) and make sure they have a REALLY wide opening - even if you have to loosen every lace, or remove the velcro straps completely. Just make sure to take Darcy shopping with you (and her DAFO of course) and Try On, Try On, Try On. We've been through 3 or 4 pairs so far and it's worked out fine with Ethan's AFO's.

Anonymous said...

I agree that regular sneakers often work. You might also try cutting the shoe at each side of the base of the tongue to make it wider. Removing the insole of the shoe is recommended and adds depth. The popular skateboarding styles such as vans and etnies are made wide, and new balance brand can be ordered in wider widths. There are a couple of speciality shoes you may want to look at: or
I usually recommend that parents initially go shopping without the child, taking the brace alone, until they narrow down the choice to 2 or 3 shoe styles. Larry may be able to help by trimming away as much of the plastic as possible as a fitting adjustment without compromising growth room or function. I would hope that either you or Larry would not hesitate to call us if we can offer any further assistance.
Loretta Sheldon, ROA
Cascade Dafo Technical Support

Anonymous said...

Here is the contact info:

Anonymous said...

New Balance shoes are what most of the kids in my class with CP have.
Actually, some of them with DAFOS and KAFOS even use crocs, because they are easy to stretch and the splint provides all the necessary support.

Justlittlecajunme said...

Told you I was going to read from beginning (I think).

Wow, the braces look so much better than when I had them over 30 years ago :).