Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hot Diggity Dog!

It is amazing how fast two weeks can go by before you realize you haven't blogged!

Not too much is going on around our parts. D was casted for a new orthotic last week at PT. It was kind of crazy...they actually put a cast on her leg and then cut it off. From there it goes to DAFO (the company) where they fill it with plaster and create the orthotic around that.

Her OT also gave her another brace for her hand. Her thumb has gotten really tight and she isn't using it too much.

And on the poop front, Darsie is now only getting bottles at night and sometimes first thing in the morning. With the less milk intake (she won't drink milk from a sippy) she isn't have so much constipation issues.

And in fact, this morning Darsie went potty on the toilet! I guess she is starting to show some interest in it.

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