Wednesday, December 06, 2006

DAFO Update

Darsie has been wearing her DAFO for about a week now and she is doing great with it! It doesn't seem to bother her and she just cruises around like her normal self. At night when we take her DAFO off and let her run around for a bit, she is already walking much better. She isn't up on her tippy toes on her right leg anymore. She still isn't walking flat, but I would say there is improvement there. We found some socks that have grip on the bottom for her to wear until we can find some shoes. We went out for my niece's birthday to the mall on Sunday and poor D took some nasty headers into the floor and bonked her nose. We went to a store afterwards and tried to find some shoes, but none of them were wide enough. So, I think I will talk to her PT about ordering some of the Hatchback Ava shoes today (


Anonymous said...

We're in Tacoma and have a son with hemiplegia. We've always had great luck with StrideRite shoes as they come in extra-wide sizes. If you go to Nordstroms they will happily split sizes for you to accommodate both feet. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

We had some good luck with Skechers sneakers--they had long tongues and satiny fabric around the edges, made the DAFOs slide in easier. Remember you can remove some of the padding in the interior sole of the shoe for more space, too.