Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Not much new to report...

Darsie got her new DAFO and it fits so much better than the other one, which is nice to see. Sheila, her ELKs OT ordered her a thumb brace from a local company called Benik. I think this will be nice for Darsie because it actually has a small piece of plastic in the neoprene that will hold her thumb instead of her usual clenched inwards. Her DAFO has worked great wonders in helping to teach her to keep her heel down while walking and I'm really hoping that the new splint will help her out with her hand. I'd love to see her get more use out of it.

Christmas was great. We got to see lots of family which is always the best and ate way too many good meals.

Everyone has been happy and healthy so there just isn't much to report! Darsie has a new passion in drawing. Just in the past week or so we have blown through two packages of markers. This girl is a machine!

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Michelle said...

So glad to read all is so well for you all.

Darsie looks so grown up! Hope you're feeling good. I know it's hard to be pregnant with a toddler in tow. Take care!