Friday, February 16, 2007

Just a couple of new photos




It seems to me like D is growing by leaps and bounds these days. She is just getting so big and animated and interactive. It is amazing to me to see where she is now and where she was when she was first born.

We had her semi-annual IFSP (I hope I got that right) the other day during her normally scheduled preschool and she is making great progress. We are mainly working now on getting her to use her right hand more and to be even more mobile than she is. She can run and walk but we want her to climb ladders and go up and down stairs easily.
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Sarah said...

She's like the oreo ninja! ;^)

Angela said...

Hi, I think I've been here before as we have some of our blogroll in common! My name is Angela and I have a former 25 weeker, Jack who just turned 4 and happens to have cp. I'm also 27 weeks pregnant (Wed.) with a little girl! Your daughter is sooo cute! I love the pictures. I also like her hand splint and will be asking our OT about something similar for Jack because the current splint we have isn't doing the trick. Anway, nice to "meet" you!