Wednesday, March 07, 2007

26-weeks and other random updates

Things are still going really well pregnancy-wise. I had a 26-week appointment on Monday and got to take the lovely glucola drink. I don't understand why none of my OB's have ever had any other flavor than orange? I can get it down if it is icy cold (with Darsie it was lukewarm, lovely) but the after taste is just NASTY!

Anyways, heart beat was about 148 and my blood pressure was about 111/75 or so. My bp always reads a little higher in the mornings and this was also after the blood draw and running up and down a flight of stairs, so it is a little higher than my resting bp. Still pretty darn good though, in my opinion!

Other updates...we should be moving in a couple of weeks or so. During the past year (since June) we have been building a new compound for the family. Instead of the measly 1400 square feet we are in now, we will soon be in a grand 2500 square feet.

We also finally broke down and bought a boat. We have been fantasizing about this since we moved to the Pacific northwest. It is a 2858 Bayliner. Great for a small family.

Darsie is doing well, too. She is currently testing every limit placed on her and has plunged headfirst into the terrible twos. I will admit that I'm sure my patience isn't anywhere near it was prepregnancy, though.


Swistle said...

My OB sends me to a local lab to have the glucose stuff, and the lab has lemon-lime. In my opinion, it is way more palatable than the orange. The orange was almost...slippery, wasn't it? The lemon-lime is more like Sprite, maybe just a little sweeter that's all.

Trying not to be jealous of your gorgeous new square footage.

Awesome Mom said...

That is one of my least favorite hoops that you have to jump through when pregnant.

You have a lovely house, I wish we could afford to buy something but California is just too expensive.