Thursday, March 08, 2007

Sweet Sleep

These were actually taken awhile back but I was looking through my photos and had to share. There is nothing sweeter than sleeping baby/toddler/child unless you can count those wide open-mouthed kisses that come at the strangest times (often with a mouthful of food).

Darsie is doing well and getting bigger and bigger everyday. I have no idea what she weighs, but it must be around 25 to 27 pounds. When she stands on our scale it is almost 25 but from my visits to the doctors office, I know that our scale is off (or theirs is...which I will pretend is the truth). She is learning new words constantly but still having problems using them spontaneously. When she is reading a book, she can point to any objects, even red balloons. She loves to shower with us and if she hears the shower turn on, she is racing through the kitchen tugging at her shirt.

She still doesn't have great use of her right hand, but it is progressing. She is doing great at drinking out of an open cup with both hands. She is doing well with walking up and down stairs with help, even leading with her right leg. She loves sports of any kind. She loves to carry pillows through the house and lay down in the oddest spots, like the laundry room. If she finds dirty clothes or takes her pants off, they must go to the laundry room immediately.

I just love her so much and she is just a beautiful and loving little girl. I worry that her little sister won't be half as cute or have half of the charisma that Darsie has. I hope this is a common fear for mom's expecting a second child.

She is begging to "eat, eat, eat, eat" and tugging on my arm. Must go feed the monster.

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