Friday, March 23, 2007

Dear Diary

Once upon a time, I knew what a good night of sleep was, just not recently. I wake up somewhere in the neck of 2 and 4 and simply cannot sleep. It is currently 4:01am and I am WIDE awake while the monster and the husband snore in the bedroom togther. I also have a wicked case of heartburn and am just too lazy to go back into the bedroom for a delicious Tums.

On other news, we may or may not start moving tomorrow. We had a SECOND final inspection yesterday and failed again. We (I should insert JEFF) didn't quite fix the downspouts right, our exit step off of the back porch measurements weren't quite right, but the big bugger, our access panel to the pump in the jacuzzi tub was blocked by a vanity. So, Jeff and my dad were over there working their tooshes off until 10pm and putting in a pedestal sink until we can figure out how to cut a hole in the outside of the house for access to the pump in case it catches on fire. Cause wouldn't you all pull a burning pump out of your house? Until then, the master bath floor looks like a disaster since it was tiled after the vanity was put it.

Anyways, the inspector was nice enough to offer to come back tomorrow (today?) and reinspect. So hopefully everything was done correctly and we won't have to cancel our UHaul on Saturday.

I also have to go to the marina and pay for our moorage and stop by the boat store and pick up life jackets, flares, and a whistle tomorrow. One of these days (hahahha, the house is very unfinished) life will settle down, right? Ok, maybe in like 19 years when the girls are both out of the house?

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Swistle said...

Oh, me too! I wake up in the wee hours and can't get back to sleep. I make myself get out of bed, pee, chew tums and have a glass of water, brush teeth. I tell myself very convincingly that the tums/water is a Magical Potion that will put me back to sleep. Success rate: poor. But at least it's calcium for the heartburn. And at least it means I can get up 45 minutes later to pee again. Good times.