Friday, April 20, 2007

A really cool Darsie update

I haven't talked much about D lately because she's just been chugging along in toddlerhood. Therapy is going really well for and she has made some really nice advances. She is walking all over the place over uneven surfaces, climbing stairs, climbing ladders, and using her right hand more and more.

After her PT session last week, the therapist gave Darsie a red vine licorice (girl after my own heart) and a little cup of water. She put the water in her left hand and the red vine in her right hand (the effected one). Well, she drank her water and ate her entire licorice just like that. I was so proud.

We are taking a boat trip to Blake Island this weekend with Jeff's folks, so hopefully we get lots and lots of beautiful photos! Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful weekend.


Angela said...

I love it! She's so cute. I hope you guys had a great time this weekend!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful family, Shan! Your belly (previous post) is awesome! I think about you all the time and I am always so pleased to check into your blog and find you doing so well. I can't wait to hear about your weekend and how Darsie negotiates it all.