Wednesday, May 02, 2007

She pees, she poops, she eats!

Just a quick update on our Miss Elise. She is continuing to thrive well. She has lost a couple of ounces but is doing great! She is under the billirubin lights still at the moment but the doctors are hoping her kidneys kick in in the next few days and we can get her out. She looks so cute in her purple "sunglasses". She is pooping and peeing just as expected and she is being fed breastmilk! Yesterday I finally got to go and visit her and hold her and feed was wonderful! Jeff visited later in the evening and he got to hold her and feed her, too. The doctors are expecting a two to three week hospital stay for her, so overall, not too bad.

My bp is still high, so we're hoping to get that resolved soon. I get my staples out this afternoon, too. Oh joy!

More photos and updates soon.

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Swistle said...

Oh, hooray, I was hoping for a post! And such good news! It sounds like she's doing great.