Sunday, June 24, 2007

For the love of...


I love coffee. It is very unfortunate that Jeff absolutely hates it. Abhors it even! But, Darsie loves it. She calls it "tea" and whenever she sees me with coffee cup in hand, she looks up at me, cocks her head, and asks "tea?" in the cutest toddler voice known to mankind. Then, when I set my cup down and turn away, the little bugger takes off with my cup and slurps down whatever remains. I wonder if Elise will like "tea" or not.


Anonymous said...

Really made me smile as Megan does just the same - she says " tea or coffee?" and slurps what she can given half a chance!!
Sending our best wishes
Abi and family from the UK

Sarah said...

I give S Cafix made with some cocoa and a touch of sugar. She looooves it.