Friday, July 06, 2007

July 3rd Fun in the Sun

Early every 4th of July there is an unofficial boat race around Vashon Island. A couple of years ago, Jeff raced his jet boat around it (yes, in the Sound, but early morning it is flat). However, soon afterwards, the motor was blown due to an unattached water cooling tube (do you like my terminology?) and ever since, he has been sidelined due to not having the time to fix it. Anyways, what I'm getting to, is we went over on the 3rd to spend the night at Jeff's dad and step-mom's so he could be up at 4:30am to go and watch the race. We had originally planned to take our Bayliner down to Vashon but alas, it has a HUGE exhaust leak and parts have been ordered so we can make our San Juan vacation this summer.

We had a great dinner and then Jeff thought it would be fun to take Darsie down to Dockton park and play on the playground and we could visit the docks.

(On a side note, I just saw a deer and her fawn leaping through our front yard).


Anonymous said...

Found your site through Holland and Eden's site. I always enjoy reading the stories of preemies. My Dad, my cousin, and two of my friends were preemies. It's neat that you are into boating. My family owns a 1987 bayliner Contessa. After we bought it, my parents had to spend over $20 000 on a new engine after it died the first time we took it out on the lake. They say BOAT stands for Bring on Another Thousand. Of course we named our boat Hell or High Water.

Kim said...

Those pictures are awesome! Darsie is such a cutie and she looks like she is getting so big!