Monday, July 30, 2007

One of "THOSE" Days

I'm starting to wonder what the quality of my day will be like.

It started out with the baby waking before the alarm clock went off wanting to be fed and hasn't gone to sleep again.

Jeff misplaced his wallet. Or rather (in his defense), he put the pants with the wallet in them in the clothes hamper and the wallet fell out which resulted in CODE YELLOW search for the wallet this morning. Luckily we found it in time before the late ferry left and before we started canceling credit cards.

And the latest involves the aforementioned baby. Some very wet sounds emanated from her nether regions and instead of thinking "oh, yes, the long awaited poop has finally arrived", I stupidly stuck my finger in her diaper and of course, was covered in poop. Did you know that baby poop can get under your wedding ring and despite washing your hands with soap and water, still track baby poop everywhere? It is like a miracle substance with absolutely no purpose except grossness (my husband thinks that there might be a commercial application for slug an industrial grade lubricant or something).

On a happier and somewhat more clean point...Elise is three months old as of yesterday! How in the WORLD did that happen?

Pictures soon. I put her in the Bumbo seat yesterday and she LOVED it! Darsie then also had to sit in the seat and consequently got stuck and scooted all over the living room trying to find some traction to unstick herself. Total comedic moment.

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Mommy Daisy said...

Oh boy, gotta love or rather hate days that start like that. Expecially when it's a Monday morning! Yuck! I hope the rest of the day goes better.