Monday, September 10, 2007

Back to Reality

I miss vacation. However, I do NOT miss trying to cook on a boat that is not hooked up to shore power. You can only cook so many things for so many meals on a bbq. Let me caution you first and foremost that you should NOT try cooking bacon directly on a bbq. Bad things and upset husbands are the end results of said experiment.

Let me also preface this post by saying that I am multitasking at the moment. I am planning our meals for the week and eating Life cereal and drinking coffee and perusing my mom board and typing this post. It isn't that you all aren't important it is just that I only have so much time to get so much done. D is planted squarely in front of the TV (yay for awesome parenting) and Elise is sleeping (I think).

Anyways, here is our vaction summary:

Day 1: Left for Friday Harbor. Hit some major fog and kelp about 2 hours into trip. We got some kelp blocking our engine intake and our engine temp started rising, thought our boat was doomed while we were in the middle of the Strait of Juan de Fuca. Thought to self, oh shit, here is where we call a Mayday call into the Coast Guard. Jeff and his dad figured out the issue quite quickly and calmed my frayed nerves. Darsie gets seasick and pukes on self and Elise's blanket. Got her settle and asleep, ditto for Elise. Got to Friday Harbor in approximately three hours. GPS rocks, next year we are adding radar. Friday Harbor was a ZOO. Three gazillion boats there for Labor Day weekend. We were the last boat to get a slip. Next morning in slip (why didn't I just use the aforementioned shore power and cook inside the boat on our electric stove???) is where the bacon vs. bbq event occurred.

Day 2: Leave Friday Harbor for Spencer Spit. Some nasty wind waves but nothing major, just a bumpy ride. Raft up to Jeff's dad's sailboat (basically tie our boats together) for the night. We took the dinghy to shore so D could play in the sand. She loves the sand.

Day 3: Leave Spencer Spit for Stuart Island. Learned how to anchor our boat. The guys made me drive the boat and I am getting much more comfortable with it but not comfortable enough to actully take it somewhere. Some rain but generally nice weather.

Day 4: /Leave Stuart Island for Roche Harbor (this is where Jeff and I were married). Got a slip, played in the park. Finally got to drink some coffee since leaving Friday Harbor (too lazy to heat up water on bbq).

Day 5: Leave Roche Harbor for Sucia Island. Grab a buoy in Echo Bay but change our minds and go to Fox Cove. Beautiful cove. It got very windy during the night. No coffee.

Day 6: Leave Sucia to return to Friday Harbor. Very windy with 3-5 foot wind waves, not so zesty. Once we got to the San Juan channel we were fine though, so that was nice. More ice cream but I am too lazy at this point to make coffee. Vacation has melted any willpower to do much besides take naps, eat ice cream, and take more naps. Plus, the Darsie-monster has been getting up every morning at 7am yelling for cereal in a baby bowl EVERY DAY OF THE DAMN VACATION. What happened to sleeping in? Oh yeah, children, I forgot.

Day 7: Uneventful trip home. Some nasty wind waves in the Strait of Juan de Fuca but not like Sucia.

Anyways, we are home and Jeff is back to work today. So sad the time is gone. I have a LOT of catching up to do here at napping maybe (doubtful)?

Actually, Darsie starts preschool next Monday so I need to do some shopping. Plus, her third birthday is next week as well, so sad.


Neil said...

Enjoyed reading you blog. Our daughter Lucy was born in May 2004 and suffered oxygen starvation the result being servere cp. I am glad to see you carrying on regardless just as we do. I only recently started our blog so am looking around for tips. Keep it up.

Neil said...

Sorry just read your links policy, a bit new to this so didn't mean anything wrong by it. Please take it out if you want to.

Anonymous said...

Oh the pretty pretty pictures!

Neil said...

Shannon thanks for looking us up. Is it ok to put a link to your blog on ours?

Anonymous said...

I have been reading your blog for a long time, but never commented. I just had to say that I'm so glad you and your family were able to make this trip! I grew up boating in the San Juans, made my first cruise at 3 months old. I have so many amazing memories! Beautiful Pictures!!!

Mommy Daisy said...

Oh, I love the pictures. Looks so beautiful there. And the family looks like they're having a good time. It sounded like a nice trip too.

Anonymous said...

i was born with a diaphormatic hernia. i saw your blog and was intreeged. (i suck at spelling...)
im 13 and very healthy, 'cept for a heart murmer, which is getting better and better. i bet your 2 daughters will look back at this and say, "So what, I had that." ( i know i do) so hang in there, and everything will go as planned. sort of....