Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Update on my new pennies

First of all, the new cookie pans. AWESOME! They are super heavy duty and two different sizes. Two are the normal sheet sizes and the other two are half sheet sizes. I never thought I would really use the half sheet sizes but they are GREAT! First off, applaud my healthy eating choices because the two smaller ones are PERFECT for family sized portions of buffalo chicken strips and curly seasoned fries. Hooray! They are perfect for garlic bread as well. Oh yeah, and cookies, hence the whole "cookie sheet" terminology.

Second, the whole new car thing with the manual clutch thing. I took my first maiden voyage this morning (aka. drove it all by myself without a "spotter", aka. the man who moans that I am wrecking the new car). Still am stalling on take off. Still feel like an idiot. BUT, it is getting better. And it still has the dealership cardboard plates so maybe people will have a bit of pity for me. If they don't, screw them. Seriously, sitting behind me while I restart the car doesn't eat up that much of their day. So, the asshole who rode my ass all the way home, you suck. It is nice having a car you know will start, even if you can't drive it (very well). It is a super awesome car, too. I have another outing this afternoon and while it freaks me out, pushing myself to do it is the only way I will ever get comfortable.

I wonder how long it will take to get comfortable. Please tell me soon as my poor nerves are wrecked.


Anonymous said...


I totally thought the title of your post was "update on my new penis." Whoops!

Jen (Radz)

Laura said...

In two weeks you'll be a pro. Maybe even less, depending on traffic patterns where you live.

Anonymous said...

When I was first learning to drive my mom insisted that I learn how to drive a manual in case I was ever at a party and the person I went with was drunk and drove a standard. FYI - that never happened, but my first and second cars were both manuals.

I actually put a sign in the back window that said "Don't stop too close to me. I'm learning to drive a standard." I used to stall going uphill and once rolled back into the car behind me because he was too close. Another FYI, it's the other driver's fault if that happens. Falls under the same clause as rear-ending someone.

Anyhow, it gets much easier. It'll take a couple of weeks of regular driving and you'll get the hang of it!