Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Serial Casting

At Monday's physical therapy appointment, Darsie's foot was serial casted. Those muscles that had been sooo tight prior to Botox were still too strong and her foot was still twisted. The cast will help to further weaken those overly strong muscles while also correctly aligning the joint and foot. When we go back next Monday, the cast will be removed and the foot will be reassessed and recasted if necessary (from what I've read, serial casting lasts approximately 4-6 weeks).

Darsie chose a red cast and we decorated it with ladybugs once home. I was certain she would choose pink. Her PT gave her an extra large Hatchback shoe to wear over the cast and it works out great. Granted it isn't the most fashionable getup in the world, but it works fantastically. She can walk really well, she can dance, she can do everything but jump into a bath tub at the time being. She is so adaptable and such a trooper.

I don't know what Darsie is doing with the weird licking of her hands and the door in this video but I did want to show how well she can get around with a big red cast on her leg.

And some photos of both girls.

Red socks to match the red cast.


This is probably horrendous of me to say, but I am the mama here...but doesn't that big black shoe remind you of all the documentaries on elephantitis?
Elise has been a bit jealous of all the attention that Darsie has been receiving.


Mommy Daisy said...

Cute, cute, cute girls. What a great idea to put ladybugs on the red cast. I hope it helps like it's supposed to. Looks like she's adjusting just fine already.

Nowheymama said...

She chose K's favorite color!

Unknown said...

Your comment on the black shoe absolutely cracked me up, I know just where you are coming from!!
I love the Ladybug idea too.

Thanks for your message earlier, I have set up a google account, and will try to get you a link to a blog I just started with bits on Megans right Hemiplegia included.Sending our best,
Abi and co UK.

Swistle said...

I love the ladybugs!

Katy said...

She looks great!

You know. . .random bit here. . . Charlie is a completely oral licker/mouther/whatever. I am completely grossed out by him sometimes. I chalked it all up to lousy vision, but my MIL teacher a little hemi boy and she said that sometimes he just licks his paper. I wonder if maybe it's more of a sensory thing. . . sorry. . . totally random. . .

Ellen Seidman said...

Wow, you even know how to make a cast look cool! I think that's very fashionable.

Another fine music selection here! Perhaps you can DJ my next party?

bettyninja said...

Do you guys have a dance party everynight? Your too fun! We may need to start this at my house too :)

Anonymous said...

Casting is a very good if unfashionable method for making sure her ankle is preserved and grows in good alignment. Looks like both of you are making the best of the temporary situation.

Jo said...

Besides being too adorable for words (the same goes for Elise), Darsie really looks great walking in her new cast. I'm really glad that botox is working for her. I'd love to give it another go for Daniel, using a serial cast with it.

Inspired Mommy said...

Hi, I love to see your daughter on the video. I happend on your site while searching serial casting. My son is 10 with several complications. We are going to Vanderbilt Children's to begin our process for his tight feet/legs. I love the way she dances. I hope y'all have a wonderful outcome.

Inspired Mommy