Friday, May 28, 2010

Moving on Up!

There is an official kindergartner in the house. Holy Moly. I have the official meeting next week but developmental preschool ended yesterday.Per Darsie's request, we celebrated at McDonald's.


Erica said...

So cute! I love that she wanted to go to McDonalds. That is why childhood is so sweet; McDonalds actually makes you happy!

Congrats to Darsie and to you Mama! It blows me away that you have 3 kids, and now one in school! You're such a great mommy!

AJU5's Mom said...

Congratulations Darcie!

jenny said...

that is awsome news. I am so happy for Darsie it takes so much work on everyones part with a CP baby and then child. Sharon you are doing a great job only those very special mama's are blessed to have us special babies I was once one lol where did that go just kidding any way good luck to darsie in kindergarten

Stacy said...

Just checked in on you guys. CRAZY how the passage of time changes with babes, babes and more babes. I'd love to talk to any parents out there about the feldenkrais that we've been doing with Owen since last Fall. He's changed more in the last few months from this than he did in 2 years of PT. Please pass my name/info on to anyone who might be interested. There is an amazing practitioner in Port Townsend and one on Bainbridge Island that we see. The focus of feldenkrais is to turn movements, some random and without purpose, into useful, constructive movements and it has made such a change in Owen.

I'll be interested to see how Baclofen works for Darsie as we have a bottle in the medicine cabinet for Owen. I've just not found the opportunity (or courage) yet to titrate one of his meds used for spasticity, in order to start this medication. I assume it is oral baclofen?

Let's get the families together once the weather improves (i.e. not constantly pouring down rain) for a picnic. I miss the girls and want to see how much Bert has grown!

xo to all

Katy said...

Darsie is such an inspiration. Really.