Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Updates and some Botox

An update to the recent placard post I wrote is that I talked about it with Darsie and she is VERY opposed to it for some reason. I don't know if she has been hearing things at school (she said to Bert one day in a very loving tone "You're disabled, you are disabled") or what is happening, but she does not want one. I think at this point in her young life all she wants is to fit in and be similar. I know right now she is really struggling with being pulled out of class for OT and PT (she actually yelled at the OT one day because the class was going to have cupcakes for St. Paddies Day and she thought she was going to miss them) and she doesn't want to seem so different.

Darsie also went on a play date/party date to a friend's house and it was a success. We are working on setting up some more soon.

Darsie also had a fourth round of Botox last week. I'm not sure if we will follow it up with the serial casting that we have done in the past, but I wouldn't be surprised. She responds really well to that combo. I do recommend that for anybody contemplating Botox, talk to your doctor about giving your child Versed before the IV and the Propanol. At least it is a combo that works well with Darsie.

We are on Spring Break for the next two weeks and of course Darsie is sick. So, today is a Mac-n-Cheese/couch/movie sort of day. Hopefully brighter weather and moods is just around the bend.


jenny said...

I am sure she is hearing things at school. i had so many friends that would walk up to me and say things like that when i was in school from the begining . i am so sorry that darsie is going through this.
if you feel though that she nees the placard then i know you will make that choice when the time comes and yes all D wants is to fit in that all i wanted and honestly didnt get it sucks being different i cried many of times because i missed out on things because of my OT and PT so i honestly know what she is feelign and going through sending her a hug from me

jenny said...

i do have a few wonderful friends that did realize that my inside is what counted and i love them dearly for that she will find them too

Nowheymama said...

Oh dear. This stresses me out on your behalf.

I am glad she had a good playdate. I think more of them can only help.

Mommy Daisy said...

Aww, reading that about Darsie's struggles just breaks my heart. I'm sure school won't always be easy on her. And I know as her mother it's got to be hard on you too. But I hope that she learns how to deal with things in her own way and it goes splendidly!

laurence said...

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