Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Cerebral Palsy and Constipation Update

I received a google hit for "cerebral palsy constipation massage" so I thought I would post an update about D and her eternal bout with the dreaded constipation. I have been doing my best to up her fiber intake with lots of graham crackers and also be sure to give her some fruit or veggies with every meal. Whereas she only pooped once or twice a week at best last week, this week she has pooped three times since Sunday night. So, maybe we are one to something. I have said that before regarding D's constipation though and she has gone right back to her once a week poop cycle.

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Anonymous said...


I think my 6 month old has CP. He is not sitting independently...but seems close, is not babbling,rolling over, etc. He has always been hard to feed--so difficult that I had to quit nursing because he would fall asleep after seconds of nursing. He was the sleepiest baby that ever existed, in my opinion. My husband, a very devoted father, has officially given up feeding him because it is too hard. The baby is so smiley and social, and so easy, as in almost not even there, that we have not even had to change our routine. Does our baby have CP? Who knows, as it is early, but any insight would greatly help...