Monday, February 06, 2006

Developmental Review Tomorrow

D has a development assessment tomorrow at Hollyridge. These things are such a mixed blessing to me since they are to try to pinpoint exactly what is wrong and what D isn't doing yet. However, by determining those things, she gets the therapy that she needs...or at least put on a waiting list. I really do like Hollyridge, but I get a bit disillusioned by them as well. Before we were able to get therapy services with Diane through the Elks, D was on Hollyridge's waiting list for over six months. Also, Hollyridge has been in talks with all of D's therapists and when Diane came over on Friday, I learned that one of the developmental teachers at Hollyridge thinks that D may have eating issues. She got this solely from me "complaining" at class that D is a picky eater. I wish people would talk to me and get clarification before they start making assumptions. D is a bit of a picky eater, but she loves to eat and she loves food and she in no way has an oral sensory issue. I have a feeling tomorrow may turn into a battle and I'm really REALLY dreading it.

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S Lewis said...

Sorry to comment again so soon, but I feel like I'm reading my own diary.

I can't tell you how many professionals told me my daughter could not feed! It was so frustrating! I'm angry on your behalf and you wrote this three years ago.

And the endless conversations after to correct it all... grrrr.