Thursday, February 02, 2006

Larry Thursday

Mr. Larry lent D an old fisher-price house thing which she absolutely adores! It is so fun watching her open and close the roof, open and close the doors, and play with the little people.

Today, we continued at working on kneeling with D as well as pushing her tush up off of heels. We are also starting to work on standing and he is saying to encourage walking and having her hold our fingers.

He also fixed her hand splint for me as there was a medal grommet thing that had gotten bent and was digging into D's hand. He put a nice cushy piece of moleskin in there, too.

D is getting better dealing with being handled by Larry, too. She started out on pretty shaky grounds with him and we had one pretty horrendous session, but it has been uphill since then. He really is one of the most patient therapists we have dealt with.

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