Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Fun Times in Washington

As most people know, Western Washington has been hit pretty hard (for us) with a snow storm in the last week or so. We have had lots of fun with the snow (though Jeff has had to work from home a couple of days and it is hard to leave him alone).

Darsie really seemed to like the snow:

Recently, Jeff and I were able to take a quick weekend trip to a cute town called Leavenworth. We stayed in a GREAT B&B ( that we would highly recommend to everyone. It was a decent price and the breakfasts, the ambiance, and the hosts were TREMENDOUS! Anyways, right before we left, Darsie came down with a cold and pink eye (which of course we had to document:

Believe me, she looked a lot worse than she felt, but this picture reminds me so much of those horrible celebrity police photos that I just had to share.

On the PT/OT front, Darsie's OT's schedule has filled up so we are loosing one day a week of OT. We had the choice of keeping either the land or the hydro and I decided to keep the hydro. She gets land therapy with her PT and at her therapy preschool, so I really thought keeping the water was the right thing to do. Today at Mr. Larry's, Darsie's OT met us there and she and Larry were able to talk a bit about the plan of action and what we could do in the water to continue with the great progress we've been seeing.

On potty training fronts, Darsie has peed in the potty twice so far. Now that she is peeing in the potty, she is back to pooping in her diapers, so who knows what is going on. I'm not pushing her, just complimenting her when she uses her potty.

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Jennifer said...

you live in western washington?? me too!

I am LOVING the snow! I live in Camas (next to Vancouver WA).